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Flying without fear

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Fear of flying affects 1 in 5 people in the UK it is claimed. Perhaps you hate flying but have to do it for business? Maybe you have a partner or friend that hates it and can’t enjoy the great rewards that you earn?

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear programme has been running since November 1997 and in that time has helped thousands and thousands of people to change their lives.
Flying without fear operate all over the UK and run about 20 courses a year to help people to beat their fears of flying.
The one day course costs 40,000 miles and could be a great present for someone...

The morning
Virgin Atlantic Captain debunks the myths around flying that people have picked up from the various sources. Turbulence, wings flapping, dropping sensations, engines, air pockets, security and much much more all answered and explained.
Cabin Crew trainer takes you through the vast amount of training that every cabin crew person has to go through. Do you know the primary reason cabin crew are on board? Which airlines do the most training of their crew? All of this and more is covered.

The afternoon
After a hot meal which many are surprised to want to eat, the psychology worries are covered. A chunky session on the psychology of fear; how to spot old fear patterns and lots of techniques to combat your fear are given to you.

The flight
We take a special flight together with a full narration of every movement, squeak, wobble explained from start to finish by one of our Captains. A true treat for those that like to know what is going on at all times.

You receive a booklet and CD worth £30 plus 2,000 Flying Club miles and we are the leading course in the UK.