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Los Angeles Clubhouse

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Set within a relaxing space overlooking the Hollywood Hills, our new Los Angeles Clubhouse is influenced by the beauty of the surrounding west coast, mixed with accents of gold to reflect the LA sunshine. Spaces for relaxing and socialising are framed by panoramic views that span from the aircraft outside, to the iconic Hollywood sign and the mountains beyond.

Our food and drink concept for the Clubhouse allows customers to taste and share several dishes, creating a relaxed, sociable atmosphere. The food itself takes inspiration from the clean, healthy west coast lifestyle. Working in collaboration with Hinoki and the Bird, one of LA's most exciting and innovative restaurants, we have created a travel inspired menu that capitalises on the amazing produce available throughout California.

Once you've eaten, sit back, relax and enjoy the views with a fabulous cocktail, or for something a little healthier, try one of our healthy juice options, infused with seeds and spices.


As you exit the security check point head straight until you reach the grand staircase. The entrance to the Clubhouse is at the top of the stairs immediately on your left hand side.

For those unable to use the stairs, an elevator is available on the right hand side of the terminal, just prior to the staircase.

Opening times

The Clubhouse opens 4 hours before flight departure.

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Feeling peckish?

Try out a variety of west coast inspired dishes, created in collaboration with one of LA's most innovative restaurants, Hinoki and the Bird.

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Fancy a tipple?

Head to the centrepiece of the Clubhouse - our apothercary inspired bar, and enjoy some of our fabulous cocktails or one of our tasty health drinks created in partnership with The Juicery.

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Working 9 to 5

With free WiFi, you'll have time to get those last minute emails cleared, and if you're travelling on one of our WiFi connected aircraft you can continue working on board.

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Relax and unwind

Choose one of our super comfortable seats and enjoy some quiet relaxation before your flight.

Panoramic views

From our aircraft to the Hollywood hills, sit back and enjoy the views from the Clubhouse.

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