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Safety and security

Your flying safety and that of our aircraft and staff, is our highest priority.

While we love a good time at Virgin Atlantic, we never lose sight of the serious side of air travel. Our safety and security programme exceeds statutory requirements. Compliance with regulatory standards is just the foundation from which we work to ensure your journey is worry free. At Virgin Atlantic we believe that safety and security can be continuously improved. We are never satisfied, and that’s why we encourage all our staff to report any safety or security related issue however minor they think it may be. Our Corporate Safety & Security Department review every report submitted to identify further areas for improvement.

Here are just some of the ways we assure your onboard safety and security:

  • All our aircraft have reinforced flight-deck doors and linked CCTV equipment
  • We deploy a range of overt and covert protective measures, including Behavioral Detection, to maximise security
  • We operate a self-test programme to ensure the robustness of our security
  • We conduct joint audits and inspections with our regulators
  • We are members of the Department for Transport's Aviation Security Compliance Forum
  • Our pilots are selected and trained to the highest standards
  • All our aeroplanes are maintained and developed by a dedicated and professional team of Engineers who are renowned for their excellence
  • Virgin Atlantic legendary cabin crew are not just there to provide great service. They are trained to attend to medical situations and emergencies. With on board medical kits, defibrillators as well as communication links to doctors on the ground, they can take the best care of you.
  • Our Airport Operations staff are carefully recruited and trained to industry high standards
  • Operational Safety & Security assessments are carried out on our Aerodromes of operation


You can rest assured that we always have the most current and accurate data to make informed judgements when it comes to assessing security threats and safety risks. We will never operate a flight unless we believe it is safe to do so.

We also enjoy excellent relationships with governments, regulators, air traffic service providers, law enforcement organisations and safety and security agencies worldwide, working with them to ensure the integrity of aviation safety and security.

As a passenger you can also play a part in contributing to our work to maximise safety. We rely on you to contribute to a safe and secure environment on board by ensuring that your behaviour is appropriate, as we will not tolerate behaviour that disrupts your fellow customers’ enjoyment of their flight. Most of all we expect you to observe the safety briefings, be familiar with the safety cards and the location of exits, and to follow the instructions of the crew. 

Have a great flight.

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