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On the road in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers up more than enough attractions to keep visitors to the city completely captivated. But while it’s tempting to stay put in this world-class metropolis, it’s also worth venturing beyond its outer limits. Whether you plan a shorter trip to the beautiful islands of the New Territories, head to sister cities like Shenzhen and Macau, or go on a scenic getaway to the wildly beautiful Li River, leaving time for a trip-within-a-trip is the perfect way to further your Hong Kong holiday.

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Hong Kong Islands

Hong Kong comprises more than 260 islands, many of which feature sunny beaches, tranquil scenery, and idyllic day trip attractions for those looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. From accessible destinations like Shek O Beach on Hong Kong Island to the more remote Tai Lo Wan Beach in the New Territories, sun-worshippers have plenty of scenic coastlines at their disposal.

Hong Kong islands to visit for sun, sand and surf

The Li River

Just a short journey from Hong Kong, the Li River flows from Giulin to Yangshuo in southeast China — and is one of the region’s most dramatic areas of natural beauty. During a cruise along its waters, gaze at the jagged karst mountains, the famous Elephant Trunk Hill, the historic fishing villages, and other breathtaking sights.

Adventures beyond Hong Kong: breathtaking Li River photos

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One of Hong Kong’s best daytrip destinations is also one of its most accessible: to get to the neighbouring city of Shenzhen in China, all you need to do is hop on the subway. The journey from Hong Kong takes approximately one hour; after an extra 30 minutes or so of border checks (you’ll need to have applied for a Chinese visa in advance), you’re through. After you arrive in this thriving city of seven million, hit up its upscale malls, its family-friendly theme parks, or its museums and galleries.


Often called ‘the Vegas of the East,’ glitzy, glamorous Macau is known for its many casinos and high-roller lifestyle. Formerly a Portuguese colony, today the city is an easily accessible luxury destination (simply hop on an hour-long ferry ride from Hong Kong; you’ll need a passport, but most nationalities don’t require a visa). Beyond the lavish casinos, there are other draws, too, from historic sites like the Ruins of the Church of St. Paul to the Macau Museum of Art.

High roller’s guide to casinos in Macau


It might be further afield than Shenzhen, but the Chinese city of Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton) remains one of the country’s most fascinating metropolises. The third-largest city in China after Shanghai and Beijing, Guangzhou is a rival to Hong Kong for its cosmopolitan charms, impressive architecture, delectable cuisine and astonishing scale.

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