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The Seahawks and The Sounders

Seattle's Earth-shaking football

Its reputation for flannel, grunge music, and coffee obsession aside, Seattle is a true sports lover’s town. Just look to the Seattle Seahawks — and their fans — for proof. Twice, the team’s legendarily jubilant supporters broke world records for audience volume at a sports game — and they even caused a 1-2 magnitude earthquake during the 2013 playoffs with the New Orleans Saints.

But the Seahawks aren’t the only football team in town. The Seattle Sounders FC are currently one of the best footie teams in the nation (though it’s known as soccer ‘round these parts), and even took home the 2016 MLS Cup trophy.

On your next trip to Seattle, be sure to schedule in some stadium time. Below, we’re giving you all the essential details to bring you up to speed on both the Seahawks and the Sounders.

The Seattle Seahawks

First, some basics: the Seattle Seahawks were founded in 1974, and officially joined the NFL in 1976. Since they’re the only pro football team in the whole of the Pacific Northwest, their fans come from as far afield as Montana, Oregon — even Alaska and parts of Canada.

That wide fanbase helps explain why they’re some of the loudest, and most devoted, in the NFL — enough to earn them a special moniker: ‘the 12th Man.’ That nickname comes from the fact that, while only 11 players are on the field at any one time, fans are so loud and supportive that they effectively function as a 12th man on the team.

The 12th Man is often credited with taking the team far. The Seahawks went all the way to the Super Bowl in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. And in the 2013 season, they defeated the Denver Broncos to take home the Lombardi Trophy — and serious bragging rights.

Want to go see one of the NFL’s most exciting and dynamic teams for yourself? The Seahawks play at the CenturyLink Field, located just south of Pioneer Square. The regular season begins in mid-September and carries on into the New Year, though preseason games kick off in August. Single game tickets start around $66, and can be bought on their website, with batches going on sale several months ahead of play — it’s good to keep an eye out and scoop them up while you can.

The Seattle Sounders FC

Beloved as they are, the Seahawks aren’t the only champion team in town. The Sounders may be a newer Seattle arrival — the club was only established in 2007, and added to the MLS in 2009 — but in 2016, they came out on top, defeating Toronto FC and taking home the MLS Cup 2016.

That big win means their fanbase is growing by the minute — and there’s never been a better time to see star players like forward Clint Dempsey take to the pitch.

Like the Seahawks, the Sounders also call the centrally located CenturyLink Field home. Itching to experience soccer the American way? The season kicks off from early March and lasts well into the autumn. Single game tickets are available online, and begin at around $34, so you can look forward to an affordable — but still thrilling — sporting day out.


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