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Sleep better on your flight

Read the Sleep Council's top tips for catching some zzz's onboard.

We've asked the experts at The Sleep Council for their professional advice on how to get more sleep while you're in the air.

Whether you're enjoying the mood lighting in Economy, stretching out in Premium, or bedding down in your Upper Class flat bed, we have three tailored guides full of useful information to help you get a good flight's rest. Download your guide below.


Four top tips for quality sleep during a flight:

  1. Get into a relaxed frame of mind before you board. Find a quiet spot at the airport (our Clubhouses are ideal) and start unwinding before your flight.
  2. Do your normal bedtime routine. Wash your face, clean your teeth, change into your pyjamas, and let your brain know it's time for a nap.
  3. Use the eye masks and ear plugs in your amenity kits. Don't let anything disturb your precious shuteye.
  4. Help your body relax with some deep breathing exercises. Just a few minutes of slow inhaling and exhaling should help you drop off in no time. Sweet dreams!

Find more great sleep tips like these in the guides linked below.

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