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Our shared airport lounges

There's a private space for you to relax at all of our airports.

In locations where there's no Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, these private airport lounges are provided for Upper Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members. Each guest is also able to invite a friend to join them.


We've made the airport more enjoyable, wherever you're flying from

If there's no Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in your departure airport, don't worry. You can still enjoy a warm Upper Class welcome, and a range of wonderful services, in our luxuriously appointed shared lounges in airports around the world.

Find out more about what each lounge offers in the pages listed below.

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Flying from the US and Cancun

Our partner lounges in the US and Mexico

See what we've got for you

Flying from the Caribbean

Our partner lounges in Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia, Havana and Montego Bay.

Get a West Indies wave-off

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Flying from the UK

Our partner lounges in Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester.

Enjoy a big British goodbye

Other partner lounges around the world

Lounges that make long haul extra special

Start your journey right

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Enjoy Heathrow's Revivals lounge after you land

As an extra treat, if you're flying overnight into London Heathrow you'll also be able to use our Revivals lounge to freshen up on arrival.

Explore our Revivals lounge