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WiFi and your electronic devices

Stay connected in the clouds

This page tells you about how to connect to WiFi while you're in the air, how much it will cost, and which devices you can safely use. There's also info on the different inseat power options available, so you can keep your gadgets going throughout your flight.


Whether you want to send some emails, catch up on Facebook or browse the news, our WiFi will make sure you can stay connected to the wonderful world of the internet during your flight.

From time to time our WiFi service may not be available for reasons beyond our control. We also have one A340-600 which currently does not offer WiFi.

How to connect

To connect to WiFi during your flight, just enable the WiFi on your device when the crew let you know that it's safe to do so. As always when you're in the air, make sure your phone is switched to flight safe mode and data is disabled. Then follow the instructions on your browser screen to get started. Further details can be found in our inflight magazine, Vera.

Charges vary, depending on which package you choose. Find out what's available on your aircraft in the sections below. If you're not sure which aircraft you're flying on, you can find out via My booking.

Using electronic devices onboard

You can use electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, eReaders and music players throughout the flight. Please switch them to flight safe mode when the aircraft door closes for departure. If your device has no flight safe mode, please keep it switched off throughout the flight, for safety reasons.
If you're using a laptop, you'll need to switch it off and put it away for taxi, take off and landing.

Bluetooth headphones can be used with your own devices during the flight, you'll just need to switch them off during take-off and landing. And if you are using your headphones, make sure you still listen to the safety briefing before take-off.

Electronic equipment When can I use it?
Headphones, handheld devices including mobile phones, tablets, eReaders and music pplayers Throughout the flight
Laptops, Bluetooth headphones Throughout the flight excluding take-off or landing
Connective devices without a flight safe mode Before the aircraft doors are shut

Power configurations onboard

Aircraft type: Upper Class and Premium: Economy:
B747-400 AC Power/USB (Aircraft G-VBIG only) USB only
B787-900 AC Power/USB AC/USB
A340-600 EmPower®/USB USB only
A330-300 AC Power/USB USB only
A330-200 AC Power/USB (Upper Class only) USB only

Types of power

Making calls

Stay connected via texts, email, the internet and calls in flight with our AeroMobile service. It's available on half of our fleet, with all aircraft based at Gatwick and selected aircraft at Heathrow and Manchester now connected.

The charges are almost the same as they would be if you were roaming from another country. The calls and texts will just be added to your mobile bill after you’ve flown. As long as your phone is activated for international roaming, you can use it to text, email, get online and make calls.

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