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Travelplus has a fantastic selection of hotels all over the world. Wherever you are going, whether it’s Orlando, Las Vegas or Dubai or an airport hotel before you fly, like Heathrow, Aberdeen or Gatwick we can offer you the perfect hotel and fantastic service, at the best prices. 

Why choose Travelplus

Benefits of booking through Travelplus:

  • Earn Virgin Points
  • Great choice of destinations
  • Fantastic selection of hotels, from 3-5V Virgin Holidays rating

Earn points

Earn 2 Virgin Points per £1 spent for any hotel that you purchase.

In order to earn points, you must be a UK Flying Club member. If you are not a member already then please join today.

How to book

Visit our website on and make a booking online and your points will be added to your account within seven to ten working days of returning home.

Remember to:

  • Quote your Flying Club membership number at time of booking.
  • Show your Flying Club membership card at check in/arrival.

Missing points

Keep all copies of your original receipts until the correct amount of points appear on your account. Your points should be credited to your Flying Club account seven to ten days after you have taken your flight. If the points do not show on your account within six weeks, please see our missing points page to find out how to claim them back.

How to claim missing partner points

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