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Correct the name on your booking

How to correct or change a name on your ticket.

This page tells you how to amend the name on your ticket, but only if it is the same person flying.

If you've legally or officially changed your name since you made your booking - if you got married, for example - we can amend your ticket free of charge. You will need to have the supporting documentation, such as your marriage certificate, to prove you are the same person.

If there’s a small spelling mistake in your name on the ticket, we can also amend this for free.

You’ll need to make any changes before you begin your trip, as we can’t make any changes to a partially travelled ticket.

You will not be able to transfer your ticket to another person by completely changing the name, as tickets can't be transferred. You'll need to buy a new ticket.

How to get the name amended:

If you booked directly with us please call us on 0344 874 7747.

If you booked through a travel agent, please contact them directly.