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Taking sports equipment

All the sporty items you can check into the hold.

This page tells you all about the types, shapes and sizes of sports equipment that you can check in as hold baggage on your flight.

You can take a piece of sports equipment in place of one of your bags if your ticket already includes check in baggage allowance. We've listed all of the sports items we accept as baggage below.

To take a sports item on top of your check in allowance, you might need to pay for an extra bag. You can find out how much this will cost on our additional baggage page.

If your sports equipment meets all the requirements set out below, just head to the airport, you don't need to contact us to give us any warning. If it's bigger than that or it weighs more than 23kg, you won't be able to check it in as baggage - but our friends in Virgin Atlantic Cargo may be able to offer assistance to help you out.



  • There might be a few restrictions specific to certain items. If these apply, you'll find the details under each sports category listed below.
  • If you're travelling on or have a connecting flight with one of our partner airlines, their baggage allowance will apply and you'll need to check with the operating carrier before you travel.

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