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Dietary requirements

We're here if you need us

Whether your requirements are medical or religious we won't make a meal out of giving you the right food.

You can request a special meal if you book your flight on line or via the Contact Centre no later than 24 hours before your flight departs. Please allow 48 hours if requesting a Kosher meal.

If you have already confirmed your flight, simply log into My Booking and you'll be given the option to book a special meal.

Special meal requests apply to your main meal, and cannot be extended to the snacks and condiments we provide onboard.

Additional information
Low fat meal This is a meal prepared for passengers with a diet low in fat. Available on all flights
Low sodium meal
A meal prepared for passengers with a diet low in sodium or salt. This meal will contain no added salt. Available on all flights
Diabetic meal

This is a meal prepared for diabetic passengers requiring a nutritionally balanced meal low in sugar.

Available on all flights
Fruit platter meal A meal containing freshly prepared seasonal fruit with no additives or preservatives.  Available on all flights
Gluten intolerant meal
Does not contain gluten found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, unripe spelt grain, oats kamut and triticale. This meal is suitable for passengers with coeliac disease or those passengers who have an intolerance to gluten. Available on all flights
Kosher meal

A religious dietary meal that is offered to our Jewish Passengers. All foods are prepared and served according to a strict code of Jewish Kashrut dietary laws.

Please note the Kosher meals supplied on board may contain meat or fish and do not contain foods from non-kashrut sources. Virgin Atlantic is unable to provide different variations of Kosher meals.

On flights from the UK, Kosher Kedassia is supplied
On flights from the USA, Kosher Glatt is supplied

We are currently unable to provide Kosher meals from some destinations (see opposite). As an alternative we can offer a selection of un cut fruit for both meal services.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our passengers.

Available on all flights except Lagos and any flight departing from the Caribbean
Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Meal This is a meal that does not contain meat, meat products, fish (including shellfish) or fowl, animal-based rennet containing cheese, animal oils/fats, meat gravy but can contain eggs and dairy products such as milk and cheese. Available on all flights
Low Lactose Meal A meal prepared for passengers requiring a lactose restricted diet. This meal is not recommended for passengers requiring a dairy free meal as lactose-free dairy products may be used. Available on all flights
Vegan meal

This is a strict vegan-vegetarian meal that does not contain meat, meat products, fish (including shell fish) or fowl, animal oils/fats, meat gravy, eggs or dairy products such as milk and cheese. 

Available on all flights
Hindu meal This is a religious dietary meal with a spicy influence that is free of beef, veal, pork and derived products.  This meal may contain lamb, goat, poultry, fish, egg and dairy products. Customers requiring a vegetarian Hindu meal should request an Asian Vegetarian meal. Available on all flights
Muslim meal This meal does not contain pork, alcohol or derivatives of these products. Halal meat will be used for this meal. Available on all flights
Jain meal A strict Indian vegan meal that does not contain root vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, cheese, alcohol, honey or eggs. Available on all flights
Asian vegetarian meal This is a religious dietary vegetarian meal with spicy influence. The meal will not contain meat, fish or seafood. Available on all flights
Child meal

This meal is produced for children from the age of 2 to 12 years old.

Child meals are not vegetarian. If younger passengers require a vegetarian option, a standard vegetarian meal should be ordered.

Child meals are not booked automatically once your flights are confirmed. Please contact your booking agent.

Available on all flights
Baby meal Pureed tinned or bottled foods. No solid foods. Suitable for babies aged up to 24 months. Available on all flights
Pureed meal A liquidised meal for passengers unable to consume solid food. Available on all flights

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