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Visas and entry requirements

Find out what documents you'll need to travel

This page is for UK passport holders looking for information about visas and entry requirements for our key destinations, and may also be helpful for citizens of other countries.

Make sure you check whether your destination requires a visa or other documentation in plenty of time before you travel, just in case you need to apply. We've summarised the main visa requirements for each country in the pages linked below.

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To visit the UK you may require a visa.

Read more about UK visa's


You may have heard the term 'ESTA' but never been sure what one is - well, you'll need one to enter the USA.

Read more about ESTA


You'll need a tourist card to get into Cuba. We've partnered with VisaCentral to make the process easier.

Read more about Cuba entry requirements

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South Africa

If you're staying for less than 90 days, you won't need a visa.

Read more


Entry into India usually requires a visa, all the info you need is here.

Read more about India visa's


Apply for your Chinese visa with our partners VisaCentral.

Read more about China entry requirements

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You'll usually need a visa to visit Nigeria, we've partnered with VisaCentral to make the process easier.

Read more about Nigeria entry requirements


Apply for your visa to Canada and let your journey begin.

Read more about Canada entry requirements

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