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Virgin Atlantic FlyReady

Verify and complete your Covid-19 documents in advance and save time at the airport.

To make your transatlantic journey as smooth as possible and to save time at the airport, we have developed some free digital services for you to enjoy a more streamlined experience at the airport. 


Your participation in the Virgin Atlantic FlyReadySM verification process is optional. As part of the Virgin Atlantic FlyReadySM verification process, Virgin Atlantic may share with TrustAssure™ limited personal information, such as your name and date of birth, as well as trip details for test scheduling and verification purposes. If your itinerary includes multiple passengers, this will include information about the other passengers in your itinerary. This information is required in order to determine your eligibility for a Virgin Atlantic FlyReadySM, information with Virgin Atlantic to confirm whether your test results have been approved for travel to your destination. TrustAssure™ will not share your test results or other personal health information with Virgin Atlantic.

While Virgin Atlantic FlyReadySM helps verify that you’ve met your pre-departure test requirements applicable at the time you complete the verification process, Virgin Atlantic make no guarantee that you will be able to travel to your intended destination. Other requirements such as health and passenger locator forms may be required in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and/or guidance applicable in the countries of your departure and destination and are subject to verification as part of Virgin Atlantic’s operating procedures. Local government and public health officials may also request to see a copy of your test results. Refer to our Travel Requirements page and the websites of the health authorities in the countries of your departure and destination for the latest travel requirements applicable to you.

The information published here and in other Virgin Atlantic locations related to TrustAssure™ and other third party test providers is intended to help our customers in the planning and preparation for their travel. Information included on COVID testing is supplemental to any information provided by test providers or governmental authorities regarding testing. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak and government restrictions, Virgin Atlantic, TrustAssureTM and other third party test providers do not guarantee accuracy of and (to the maximum extent permitted by law) accept no liability in connection with travel restrictions and test requirements, test provider offerings, or any errors or omissions related to travel requirements, test products or test requirements, including accuracy of translations, outdated information or testing location address and hours, appointment availability, test type offered, or timing for receiving test results. You should take independent steps to ensure that you satisfy all conditions for travel to your intended destination and that you have all information required for this purpose. For more information, please refer to the websites of the health authorities in the countries of your departure and destination. Virgin Atlantic is not responsible for any goods or services offered by TrustAssure™ or its affiliated or contracted test providers.

These terms and conditions are applicable to the Virgin FlyReadySM verification process and are without prejudice to any other policies, terms and conditions applicable to bookings and travel with Virgin, including Virgin's Conditions of Carriage. These terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

1. Review Health Requirements

We know that transatlantic travel feels a bit different right now, with some new requirements to meet US and UK Covid-19 protocols. You can find more info on the travel requirements for the US and UK here.

2. Upload your health documents

To make your transatlantic journey as smooth as possible and to save time at the airport, we strongly recommend our free digital health tool called Virgin Atlantic FlyReady. It’s an online service that allows customers aged 18 and above to verify a negative pre-departure Covid-19 test certificate in advance of travel, and before you get to the airport.

FlyReady supports a smoother experience at Check In and boarding, with your negative test status automatically linked to your booking reference and our check in systems, fewer manual checks required by airline agents.

Virgin Atlantic FlyReady is only currently available on UK-US routes, in either direction, and it’s entirely optional to use. We’re committed to doing all we can to increase travel confidence and ensuring you fly safe and well with us.

At this stage, FlyReady is not available to customers aged under 18 or customers using proof of recovery from Covid-19 in the previous 90 days as their health credential. For these customers, we will manually check the required documentation at the airport.

3. Travel to the U.S.

Please remember that all foreign visitors (aged 18+) to the United States must be fully vaccinated, with limited exceptions. If fully vaccinated, US authorities require customers (aged 2+) to provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test, administered by a health professional or video-observed, no more than 1 day before departure. Full details of US entry requirements are on the CDC website, opens in a new window

Customers using our free digital health Virgin Atlantic FlyReady will be able to use dedicated check in desks at London Heathrow or Manchester airports.

Remember to bring your test result and vaccination certificate with you, in line with the entry requirements that apply to you, along with other travel documents such as passport, visa, valid ESTA, or Passenger Disclosure and Attestation form, which you can complete online if you're fully vaccinated.

Also you can also complete your contact tracing online

Attestation form

Contact Tracing

4. Travel to the U.K.

The UK Government has removed pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated customers arriving in the UK, but if you’re over 18 and not fully vaccinated, you’ll be required to take a pre-departure COVID-19 test within 2 days of departure. This can be PCR, LAMP or antigen (lateral flow) test. Using the FlyReady tool to pre-verify your negative pre-departure test will support a smooth trip and if you need a helping hand with testing options and providers, please refer to our help centre, opens in a new window

If you’re not fully vaccinated, remember to bring your negative test certificate with you, in digital or paper format, in case you need to present it to US or UK authorities, along with other travel documents. All customers, irrespective of vaccination status, must complete a UK Passenger Locator Form (PLF), opens in a new window

Your arrival test must be booked before you depart to the UK as you’ll need the test booking reference that your test provider will give you to input into the UK Passenger Locator Form. 

If you're not fully vaccinated, you must quarantine at home or the place you’re staying for 10 days upon arrival in the UK. You'll need to pre-book and pay for two PCR Covid-19 tests, to be completed on or before Day 2 and again on Day 8 of your 10-day self-isolation period, which can be shortened with a further PCR test on Day 5 as part of the ‘test to release’ option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Created in partnership with Delta Air Lines and trusted health providers, Virgin Atlantic FlyReady is a free online tool designed to make pre-flight test and vaccination verification much easier and faster for our customers. To make your transatlantic journey as smooth as possible we strongly recommend that you use FlyReady, saving time at London Heathrow or Manchester airports, with dedicated check in desks available for FlyReady customers only. The solution is currently available to customers traveling between the UK and the US aged 18 years and above.

1. Proceed to My Booking or online check in within 3 days of your departure, when the window opens to upload your vaccine certificate.

2. Simply upload an image of your negative Covid-19 test result and vaccine certificate and this will be securely verified ahead of coming to the airport. It only takes a matter of minutes to verify, proving that you’ve met the test requirements for your flight and vaccinated status, if applicable.

3. Remember to bring your test result and vaccine certificate with you, in line with the entry requirements that apply to you, plus other travel documents such as passport, visa, valid ESTA, or Passenger Disclosure and Attestation form, which you can complete online if you’re fully vaccinated.

4. When you arrive at the airport, head to our dedicated check in desks at London Heathrow and Manchester airports for FlyReady customers only, where your pre-verified test result and/or vaccine certificate will support a smoother check in and boarding experience.

Using Virgin Atlantic FlyReady is optional, but we strongly recommend the online tool to pre-verify Covid-19 documents, supporting a much smoother and faster airport experience for transatlantic customers, alongside digital attestation. For you it means that less time-consuming manual document checks are required and you can proceed more quickly to Departures.

Examples of accepted vaccine certificates which can be uploaded and verified by TrustAssure™ include:

•  NHS Covid Pass presented as a PDF or letter (NHS vaccination record cards are not accepted)

•  EU Digital COVID Certificate

•  US CDC vaccination record card.

Yes. Please bring your test result certificate, vaccine certificate and any other required entry documents, as applicable. Refer to our help centre for the latest travel requirements needed for your destination.

Please be aware that Virgin FlyReady status does not guarantee that you will be able to travel to your intended destination, even if your test and/or vaccine record is successfully verified. For example, to travel to the US you must complete a Passenger and Disclosure and Attestation form and may require a valid ESTA. Refer to our Travel Requirements page and the CDC website. We will of course do all we can to get you to your destination, while meeting all travel requirements.

The FlyReady tool may not be able to verify your uploaded test or vaccine record for several reasons, such as image quality (blurry or cropped images) or ineligible documentation. Try uploading your documents again. If you cannot complete the verification in FlyReady, you need to complete the verification process with a Virgin Atlantic agent at the airport. There is no need to contact us beforehand, if you meet all the requirements and show up at check at least 2 ½ hours before departure, we will get you on your way.

Adults travelling with children can use FlyReady and we highly recommend its use to speed up the verification of your documents. Children under 18 are currently unable to use FlyReady. If you are travelling as a family unit (e.g. parent/guardian(s) and children), please proceed to the documentation checkpoint at the airport. The dedicated FlyReady check in desks can only be used by customers where all of the travelling party on the booking have pre-verified documents.

FlyReady is currently optimised for customers travelling from the UK to the US. However, the UK does require all non-vaccinated arriving adults to complete a pre-departure Covid-19 test within the 3 days before departure. If you are not fully vaccinated and this requirement applies to you, you can upload and pre-verify this test certificate using FlyReady. At this time, the vaccination certificate uploader is only available for US-bound trips and UK-bound customers should upload proof of vaccinated status to the UK Passenger Locator Form instead, also bringing your accepted vaccine certificate to the airport. More information on UK entry requirements are on GOV.UK.

As we roll out FlyReady there is some important eligibility information:

•  You will need to be travelling on a service operated by Virgin Atlantic and without a connecting flight

• Children under 18 and group bookings of 10 passengers or more are currently unable to use FlyReady

•  If you’re using proof of recovery from Covid-19 in the previous 90 days as your health credential to travel to the US, instead of a pre-departure test, please present this at the airport as it’s not possible yet to pre-verify this through FlyReady

•  At this time, pre-verification of vaccine certificates is not available on journeys from the US to the UK as these documents are uploaded to the UK Passenger Locator Form.

If you’re using proof of recovery from a documented case of Covid-19 in the previous 90 days as your health credential to travel to the US, instead of a pre-departure test, please present this official documentation at the airport as it’s not possible yet to pre-verify this. You’ll need to have proof of your positive viral test result and an official letter that states you’ve been cleared for travel.

As per public health guidelines, you will need to reschedule your travel to a later date when you have recovered.  See details of our flexible rebooking policies here.

TrustAssure is one of Virgin Atlantic’s trusted partners that provides the technology for FlyReady. TrustAssure is owned by CLX Health.