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Flights to Brazil

Direct flights to Brazil with Virgin Atlantic

Our flights to Brazil will land you in one of the liveliest countries on the planet – explore the world-famous Amazon rainforest, party at Carnival in the energetic city of Rio de Janeiro, or just take it easy on one of the country’s many sublime beaches.

One of the most exciting countries on earth, Brazil not only offers the beats and feats of Carnival, but also some of the most diverse natural landscapes on earth. 

First stop, the legendary Amazon rainforest – kayak its many channels, or tour this incredible ecosystem on foot. Brazil’s biodiversity is unparalleled – howler monkeys and capybaras inhabit the forest while toucans, macaws and a plethora of other bird species soar overhead. And it’s not just the jungle that needs exploring; make a beeline for Brazil’s 4,650 miles of coastline for sun, sea and sizzling swimwear. Bronze with the locals on Ipanema or Copacabana beaches, or head to rugged Bahia, or the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, for a more off-grid experience. It would be impossible to leave Foz do Iguaçu off your list of natural highlights – the world’s widest waterfall, which also forms the border with both Paraguay and Uraguay, is a supernatural spectacle. 

Brazilian cities are high-energy affairs – the Samba culture ripples through the metropolis, affecting everything from food, clothing and culture, as well as dance. This party energy peaks with carnival fever, which sweeps through the country’s towns and cities like wildfire. Time your trip right and you’ll witness one of the most spirited displays of revelry on the planet. 

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Discover Brazil

São Paulo

Scale, structure and sprawl are the words most associated with São Paulo. this gargantuan melting pot is not only the most populous city in Brazil, but the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. Discover cosmopolitan cultural variety in the tower-block-topped streets of this global financial centre.

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Created from scratch in the middle of the twentieth century by urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil’s federal capital is a magnificent experiment in futuristic design. This lively modern city is a mecca for architecture buffs, and a foodie’s paradise, boasting a wild and energetic nightlife scene. 

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Rio de Janeiro

Nature blessed the legendary city of Rio de Janeiro: The lagoon; the views of the islands; the most beautiful stretch of urban beach in the world, and rainforest encroaching onto the periphery - it’s quite the list. Head up Corcovado mountain to the statue of Christ and soak up the wonders of the cheerful and lively city beneath you.

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Formerly the colonial capital of Brazil, this historic city has now evolved into a vibrant African centre, with the cuisine and nightlife to go with it. Beats and drums contrast the colonial architecture and churches of the old town, and as you’ll see the energy is electric. 

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The south Brazilian capital of Curitiba was founded as a gold-mining town back in the 17th century. Since then the city has pioneered urban planning evolution, under the guidance of its famous three-time-mayor Jaime Lerner. Its 1970s built sustainable designs, green spaces and pedestrian zones were well ahead of their time.

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Porto Alegre

The land around Porto Alegre yields huge quantities of local produce, such as beef, cashews and avocados. This prolific production combines with geographical location to make this city southern Brazil’s most important port. Head to this lagoon-side city for grand, neoclassical architecture, an interesting political history and a vibrant arts scene.

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Things to do in Brazil

Iguazu Falls

The world’s widest waterfall is definitely not one not to miss off your itinerary, and this incredible spectacle also doubles as the border between Paraguay, Uraguay and Brazil. Why not try a jet boat safari to get really close to the action – just don’t forget your waterproofs.


Carnival fever sweeps through Brazil’s towns and cities annually. Floats are crafted and costumes sewn before the people shake and samba their way through the streets. It’s the biggest party on the planet and a spectacle not to be missed.

Ipanema beach

Most famous for the Bossa Nova jazz song named after one of its inhabitants, Ipanema is a southern area of Rio de Janeiro, with a long, golden beach. Grab your spot early and prepare to observe all manner of locals strutting their stuff, demonstrating their sporting prowess or just lazing around in the rays.

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