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At Virgin Holidays it’s the little touches that make all the difference, so you can expect great service delivered without any fuss. Fancy a spot of bargain hunting in New York or snorkelling under the Caribbean Ocean? Or how about some spice tasting in the vast souks of Dubai or rollercoaster riding in Orlando? If you want to see the best of the world, Virgin Holidays has something for everyone.

As a Flying Club member, it’s now even easier to book your next adventure – online, in-store or over the phone. As well as your Flying Club membership tier discount you will also earn additional miles when you book with Virgin Holidays just one trip could earn you over 8,000 miles*.

Benefit from your Flying club member status with Virgin Holidays. Florida, Dubai, Bali, the Caribbean, even cruising – it’s a holiday hall of fame.


Earn miles

Earn and save

Red members
Save up to 7% with Virgin Holidays plus earn 1 mile for every £1 spent on the total value of your booking.

Silver members
Save up to 7% with Virgin Holidays plus earn 2 miles for every £1 spent on the total value of your booking.

Gold members
It doesn't get better than this... save up to 10% plus earn 2 miles every £1 spent on the total value of your booking.

Remember your Flying Club discount is in addition to selected latest offers available so head over to to start earning. Alternatively give them a call or pop into your local retail store.

Miles earned based on an example holiday for a Virgin Atlantic Red Member**

Total holiday cost without discount applied £4,165
Total holiday cost with Red Member Virgin Atlantic Flying Club discount of 7% applied.
See here for full details.
Miles earned for booking (£3,960 x 1pt) 3,960
Miles earned for flight (4,216 miles flown x 1pt) 4,216
Total miles earned for the complete holiday 8,176

How to book

To earn miles and save with Virgin Holidays:


On the web:

Visit Virgin Holidays' website at When you go through the the booking page or 'Enter passenger details', just make sure you click on the 'Frequent Flyer information' and enter your Flying Club number.


Over the phone:

Flying Club Red and Silver members please call: 0344 573 0699

Flying Club Gold members please call: 0344 573 0633


In store:

Or you can visit your local store to book your holiday. Find locations.


To earn miles and save with Virgin Holidays Cruises:

Please call 0344 417 5363 or visit Virgin Holidays Cruises for more information on the variety of Cruise Holidays.

Remember to quote your Flying Club membership number when booking.


Spend miles

Spend your miles on Virgin Holidays packages, starting from 3,000 miles, when booking online at, in store, over the phone, or when making a payment against your existing booking in Manage My Booking on

How to spend

To spend Flying Club miles:

Please visit to make a booking and start spending your miles today!

For those who already have a Virgin Holidays booking, please log in to your ‘Manage My Booking’ account on and select ‘Flying Club miles’ within the Payments page.

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