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Help with logging in

Need a hand logging into your account? Here’s a little guide to help you out.

Do have a good read through - if you enter the wrong details three times you'll be locked out of your account, and will need to reset your password to get back in.


Logging in with your Flying Club membership number

Your username will no longer work, so instead please use your new 10 digit Flying Club membership number which was recently emailed to all active Flying Club members. If however, you haven’t received your new membership number you can still use your old 11 digit Flying Club membership number to log in.

You can also use the email address attached to your Flying Club account to log in, but make sure it's the one that you provided when you joined. If you're not sure, check your inbox as it will be the one that we send your Flying Club emails to. Please note this is slightly different if you and another member have used the same email address on your account, as mentioned below.


Shared Flying Club email accounts

If you use the same email address for multiple Flying Club accounts, you'll have to update your email address for each account. Just log in with your new Flying Club membership number and new password, click on the 'My Flying Club' link and head over to 'Profile' where you can update your email address. Remember, this needs to be unique to you, so you'll need a different email address for each Flying Club account.


Change your Flying Club password

Your password should be between 6-21 characters. The password must include alphabetical characters and numbers, but can't include any special characters (like £,* or $) so you may need to reset it. You can do that here on our Forgotten Password page. Once you've reset it, you should be all set to log in.

If we email you a link to reset your password, for security reasons that link will expire 24 hours after it's been sent so please ensure you use it within that timeframe and check that you're using the link in the latest email. If your link has expired, you can request a new one here.


Setting your security questions

The first time you log in to your Flying Club account on our new website you will be asked to set up security questions and answers. The answers need to be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 100 characters.


Can't remember your Flying Club details?

Forgotten any log in details? If it's your Flying Club membership number, simply fill in your details here and we’ll email it to you. If it’s your password that’s slipped your mind, you’ll just need to know your new or old Flying Club membership number and you can reset it here.

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Using the app

We've given our app a makeover, so if you're seeing an error message when you try to log in, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version of our app.


Locked out of your Flying Club account

After three attempts using the wrong log in details or password, your account will be locked. But fear not, if this happens you can just reset your password by clicking here. And if for some reason that doesn’t work, give our Customer Service Centre a call and they can unlock it for you. Simply contact them on 0344 412 2414 and they'll be happy to help.

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