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Together with our partners Air France-KLM and Delta, we’ve improved our corporate loyalty offering and joined bluebiz. Bluebiz is so easy to join, and it’s now even easier to earn and spend rewards on Virgin Atlantic flights. Every business flight taken on a bluebiz member airline will earn blue credits. One blue credit is worth £1, and blue credits can be used to cover the cost of any flight, on any of the partner airlines.

We are saying farewell to Flying Co and you will no longer be able to earn on flights booked after 1 July 2019. You can still earn Flying Co miles on any bookings with ground partners before 31 December 2019, and can spend Flying Co miles on rewards until 31 December 2020. Find out more on what this change means for Flying Co members and how to redeem your miles.

Of course, individuals can still enjoy membership to Flying Club and earn their own miles alongside a corporate membership to bluebiz, so everyone can soar towards rewards.

A Flying Co member?

You can view your account statement online, see how many Flying Co miles your travellers have earned and view your most recent transactions in your company's Flying Co account. 

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Flying Co miles

Everything you need to know about earning and spending your Flying Co miles with us and our partners. Remember you have until 31 December 2020 to spend your miles.

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Join bluebiz

Join the award-winning corporate loyalty programme for Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Air France and Delta. Businesses can join for free, and start earning blue credits on business travel straight away.

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We have some helpful questions and answers to explain things a bit more or contact our Flying Co team.

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