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Medical facilities and oxygen onboard

The first aid equipment and oxygen on our aircraft.

This page tells you about the medical equipment and oxygen we keep on board our aircraft.

Alternatively, visit the bringing your own medication and medical equipment onboard page.

If any passenger happens to injure themselves or fall ill during a flight, every member of our cabin crew has received first aid training and will be ready to help.

We have a fully stocked supply of first aid equipment on every Virgin Atlantic flight, including:

  • Emergency medical kits
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
  • An onboard wheelchair
  • Routine first aid equipment.

All our aircraft have been fitted with a diagnostic device called Tempus. This allows our fully trained senior crew members to measure an unwell passenger's vital signs, which can then be relayed to ground-based specialists.

We can also provide oxygen onboard if you need it. Please make sure you contact our Special Assistance team at least 72 hours before your flight. See the section below for further details.

If you need oxygen onboard

If you need to use oxygen onboard, so we recommend that you get in touch with our Special Assistance team as soon as possible after making a booking.

We will ask you to send us a completed oxygen request form, which you can download below.

Oxygen availability

Oxygen can be supplied on all routes, subject to availability, at a flow rate of two litres per minute.

In the Economy and Premium cabins you can have oxygen throughout the flight and for take off and landing.

In Upper Class, we can provide oxygen during the flight but not for take off and landing, as the oxygen cylinder cannot be safely stowed.


Oxygen for children

Children over the age of two or who weigh more than 13kg (29lb or 2 stone 1lb), can either use the standard cannulae or bring their own paediatric cannulae. The oxygen cylinders have a 'fir tree' style connector and accept all sizes of oxygen tubing.

We’re unable to fly infants under the age of two years old or who weigh less than 13kg (29lb or 2 stone 1lb) if they require Virgin Atlantic’s oxygen. This is because they are not able to activate the oxygen’s pulse dose system. However, portable oxygen concentrators can be used onboard, providing clearance for the device has been obtained by our Special Assistance department.


Bringing your own oxygen onboard

Oxygen cylinders are classed as dangerous goods, so for safety reasons you cannot bring your own onboard.

Empty cylinders may be carried in your checked in baggage, and you can use a portable oxygen concentrator onboard, but please make sure you let our Special Assistance team know you intend to bring it. See our information on medical equipment for more details.

Contact the Special Assistance team

Use our online contact form


Tel: 0344 481 4455

Fax: 0344 209 7373

Voice tel: 01293 747691


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