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Upper Class transfers

A chauffeur car service​: be driven to the airport in style.

On this page you will find the answers to any questions you may have about your chauffeur service and transfers to and from the airport.

Our chauffeur car service is complimentary for all J, C and D class bookings in Upper Class. The distances we offer chauffeur services for vary depend on the destination.

Travel in Upper Class style, before you even get to the airport.

Prebook your private chauffeur service and we'll whisk you to and from the airport at both ends of your journey. You'll be enjoying the luxury of Upper Class travel from the second we pick you up, until the moment we get you to your destination. No stress, no fuss.

You can book your chauffeur car online via My Booking.


The information you'll need to book your chauffeur driven car:

  • Full address of where you would like us to pick you up and/or drop you off when travelling to/from the airport.
  • Full names of all passengers who will be using the chauffeur car booking. We will also need contact telephone numbers and email addresses for all adult passengers.
  • If you are travelling with children, you will need details of any child seat requirements too.
  • Details of any special requests you or anyone in your party requires. We'll do our best to fulfil your request but cannot guarantee these in all cases.

*Please note transfers are only eligible if you're travelling on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft. 

On this page you'll find:

Services we offer in London

Who is eligible for our chauffeur car service?

Common questions before you travel

Common questions on the day of flying

Common questions for after your journey


Services we offer in London

In London, you can also take a Limobike, or hop on the Heathrow Express or Gatwick Express.

If we are driving you to London Heathrow Airport, we'll take you directly to our Upper Class Wing, and aim to get you straight through security and into the Clubhouse in less than 10 minutes.


In London we offer three alternatives ways to get to the airport:

Flights to/from Heathrow:

  • Limobike, a speedy motorcycle transfer that helps you avoid the London traffic. Full protective and wet weather clothing is provided. The protective helmet lets you speak to the driver and make phone calls. Your Limobike will take you straight to the Upper Class Wing, where our team will take care of the rest.
  • The Heathrow Express, a high speed train to/from London Paddington that takes 15 minutes.

Flights to/from Gatwick:

  • The Gatwick Express, a high speed train to/from London Victoria station that takes 30 minutes.

To book any of the options above please call our Upper Class team on +44 (0)344 412 4666.

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Who is eligible for our chauffeur car service?

If you're flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class on an adult fare in an eligible J, C or D booking class, you can use our chauffeur car service. If you've booked a discounted Upper Class ticket in another booking class, or are travelling on an ineligible J, C or D ticket, the car service is not included in your fare.

Codeshare partners aren't eligible for chauffeur service unfortunately.

Upper Class reward bookings using Flying Club miles don't automatically include the complimentary car service. However, you can use additional Flying Club miles to book a chauffeur car to or from any destination in the UK or US, within 75 driven miles from the airport.

When searching for flights on our website, we'll tell you on the search results page if a complimentary chauffeur car is included.

If you have any further questions on eligibility please contact our Upper Class team on +44 (0)344 412 4666.

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Common questions before you travel

Common questions on the day of travel

Common questions after your journey