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London travel tips

  1. One of the easiest ways to navigate London is via the underground system, known as the Tube; the cheapest way to use it is with a pay-as-you-go Oyster card (£5) purchased from the ticket office at any stop. You can also use contactless debit or credit payment – just remember to use the same card all day to get the best rate.
  2. Late-night shopping takes place every Thursday; go then to avoid queues at the tills and pedestrian-packed pavements.
  3. Be sure to stand on the right-hand side of escalators; the left is for those who want to walk up them rather than stand still.
  4. If you fancy travelling around the city above ground, London taxi drivers know many of the quickest routes (drivers are usually happy with a £1 - £2 tip) and can help you avoid most of the peak time congestion. But if you have more time, take a scenic trip on one of the red double-decker buses.
  5. Short on cash? All London museums are open to the public free of charge, meaning inexpensive days out for all.

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