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LA travel tips

  1. Los Angeles is a sprawling grid of roads and highways, so a car is really helpful to get you around the city. Opt for GPS if it’s available, or download a reliable traffic information app to help you navigate through rush hour. Cabs can be pricey if you’re travelling more than a mile or two, though they’re often worth the investment – if you’re not in a rush and don’t mind chatting with the locals, services like uberPOOL will save you on fare.
  2. Most, if not all, of the must-see tourist destinations (the Walk of Fame, for example) are busy both day and night – especially on the weekends. Try going early in the morning on weekdays to avoid the peak crowds.
  3. Although Los Angeles can be quite an expensive city, there are plenty of experiences that are more affordable: the Hollywood Bowl, Dodger Stadium and the Staples Center offer cheap seats with great views and plenty of action for most events. A visit to the Griffith Observatory also costs only $7 for adults and $3 for children.
  4. Los Angeles is surrounded by desert, so the warm temperatures tend to drop rather dramatically at sundown. It also experiences a variety of temperatures depending on the area; the Valley is hotter than Hollywood, while the beaches can be up to ten degrees cooler – so keep this is mind when selecting clothes for the day.
  5. Everyone who visits Los Angeles wants to get a good look at the famous Hollywood Sign. You can’t actually drive all the way up, but you can take the Hollyridge hiking trail to see those iconic, 45-foot high letters up close.

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