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Tier Points

Understanding how it all works

Flying Club has three membership tiers – Red, Silver and Gold. On this page you'll discover the benefits in each tier, and learn a little more about how Tier Points work.

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Flying Club tiers at a glance


New member

Red membership benefits include:

  • Earn Virgin Points when you fly
  • Points Plus Money on flights
  • Spend Virgin Points on Reward Flights
  • Access to a whole host of partner brands
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400 Tier Points

Silver membership benefits include:

  • 30% more Virgin Points on flights
  • Premium Check in
  • Free seat assignment in Economy Light
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1,000 Tier Points

Gold membership benefits include:

  • 60% more Virgin Points on flights
  • Upper Class Check In
  • Access to our Clubhouses and London Heathrow Revivals
  • Extra luggage allowance, no matter which cabin you fly  
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How to move between the tiers

The only way you can move up to Silver or Gold is by earning Tier Points which you'll get when you fly. The more you fly, the more Tier Points you'll earn. And it can be easier than you might think to reach the next level, as from 1st September 2020, we will now be giving you tier points on every reward flight too:

400 Tier Points could be:

  • 1 flexible Upper Class return flight
  • OR 2 flexible Premium return flights
  • OR 4 Economy Delight return flights


1,000 Tier Points could be:

  • 2 returns and a one way in Upper Class
  • OR 5 flexible Premium return flights
  • OR 10 Economy Delight return flights

How many Tier Points you'll earn in each cabin (one way)




Upper Class

Ticket type Light
(A*, E, Q, X, N, O)
(L, U, M, Y, B, R)
(H, K, P*) (W, S) (G*, Z) (J, C, D, I)
Tier Points earned 25 25 50 50 50 100 100 200

*A, P and G tier points earning is only applicable to full points reward flights and companion bookings. If you upgraded from a revenue fare to a higher cabin with points, your account will be credited with the tier points and Virgin Points based on your original revenue class.

But Tier Points don't last forever

Tier Points expire after 12 months

So if you don’t fly enough in that time, you’ll automatically move down to the next tier. You can find out the date your tier will expire in your account. To stay as a Silver member, you’ll need to earn at least 400 Tier Points a year, and to remain Gold you’ll need to earn at least 1,000 Tier Points a year.

If you’re a Red member, no need to worry. Your membership won’t expire as long as you earn or spend Virgin Points within three years. 

Tier Point upgrade and renewal cycles

Red members: To upgrade from Red to our Silver tier you'll need to earn 400 Tier Points in any Upgrade Cycle. Your Upgrade Cycle is calculated from the current date of the month, to the 1st day of the same month in the previous year.

Silver or Gold members: Once you're a Silver/Gold member you’ll remain in that tier provided you earn the minimum number of Tier Points for that tier within our Upgraded Fixed Membership Period (that’s 400 Tier Points to stay Silver, 1,000 Tier Points to stay Gold). This period is calculated from one day after the date on which you achieved Silver/Gold and continues for the remainder of that month plus a further 12 months.

To remain in Silver for another Fixed Membership Period, you'll need to earn a minimum of 400 Tier Points in each Renewal Fixed Membership Period. You'll have the full 12 calendar months to retain your Silver membership status.

For each Upgrade Cycle, Upgraded Fixed Membership Period and Fixed Membership Period, your Tier Points will reset to 0. If you don't earn enough Tier Points to retain your Silver or Gold membership, you'll automatically revert back to a Silver member from Gold and a Red member from Silver.

From March 2020 until further notice, Flying Club Gold and Silver members have 24 months to earn the required tier points to maintain their status.

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