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Check in baggage

Take your pick from the cabins below to see how much you can take

If you’d like to check in extra baggage beyond the limits outlined here, you can - but you’ll need to pay an extra baggage fee. You’ll find details on the additional baggage page.

Most sports equipment can be carried as part of your allowance. To take sports equipment in addition to the allowance for your cabin, an extra baggage fee will apply.

Flying Club Gold members can check in an extra piece of luggage on all Virgin Atlantic operated flights for no extra charge (weighing up to 23kg). It doesn’t matter which cabin you’re flying in.

If your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines and your flight number starts “VS”, then the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance will apply.

If your journey involves travelling in different cabins, such as travelling out in Economy and returning in Premium Economy, you will be entitled to the applicable baggage allowance for each part of your journey.

Please note luggage cannot be combined if you are flying with other people.

Additional items you can take with you

To help with baggage conundrums, we’ve compiled the following list to clarify the bits and bobs you can take onboard in addition to the allowances above:

  • Your handbag, pocketbook or purse, as you would normally use it (in other words, not just being used to contain items that would otherwise be regarded as baggage)
  • Your overcoat or wrap
  • Your umbrella or walking stick (these cannot be pointed or sharp)
  • A small camera and/or pair of binoculars
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight
  • An infant's food (for consumption on the flight)
  • A small amount of duty free goods
  • Headphones for onboard use (they'll need the standard 3.5mm jack).

If you bring large electrical items with you (such as laptops), please remember that you’ll need to remove them from your bag for security screening. You’ll be asked to place them in a tray so they can be clearly scanned.

Mobility aids such as walking aids and manual collapsible wheelchairs can also be taken on-board some of our flights. Where space isn’t available onboard your wheelchair will be placed in the hold and brought out first after landing so that it is ready for you at the gate or baggage reclaim area, depending on the security rules at the airport. Bear in mind that they’ll need to be x-rayed or searched thoroughly at security, though.

A word of warning

If your flight is to or from the USA and operated by one of our partner airlines (like Delta) and the ticketed flight number starts with “VS”, then the Virgin Atlantic baggage allowance will apply. If your ticketed flight number is not “VS” then our partner airlines' baggage allowance will apply.

If your flight is not to or from the USA and you are travelling with one of our partner airlines, their baggage allowance will apply. Please take a moment to check their baggage allowances: 

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