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Duty Free liquids

Further restrictions apply to liquids you buy in Duty Free, particularly when your journey involves a connecting flight.

To ensure you don't waste money on buying Duty Free liquids you can't take onboard, please check the information below - for the country you are departing from, your final destination and anywhere you'll be transiting en route.

Departing the UK

You can take onboard any liquid items you buy after security screening in the departure lounge - regardless of how large they are. This applies to any EU airport.

Most duty free purchases will be given to you in a sealed bag – do not open this until you’ve reached your final destination. Make sure you retain the receipt, too, as you’ll be asked to show it at any transfer points.

There are other restrictions to consider on your return journey if you’ll be changing flights at an EU airport, or transiting overseas. Please check the relevant sections below.

Transiting in the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

If your journey involves changing flights at an EU airport, special restrictions apply. You can only take liquid duty free items above 100ml through the security check point at your connecting airport if they have been purchased at another EU airport or in Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, or on board an aircraft operated by an EU carrier or a carrier of Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. You’ll need to show proof of purchase to demonstrate this.

Liquid items of more than 100ml bought from other airports or on board other airlines can only be carried as hold baggage on the connecting flight. 

For clarity, the member states of the European Union are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Transiting in the EU from Singapore

If you’re flying from Singapore and transferring onto another flight at an EU airport, you can take duty free liquids onboard your connecting flight – as long as they meet current hand baggage restrictions.

United States

You can take duty free liquids onboard your flight to the US. If you'll be transferring to an onward connection after landing in the States, you should pack your duty free liquids into your hold baggage at the transit point (take care not to exceed your baggage allowance in doing so, though).

When departing the US, any duty free purchases you make before security screening will be delivered to your boarding gate or a pick-up point in the secure area in a sealed, tamper evident bag.


Any liquids and gels bought at overseas departure points should be contained in a tamper-evident plastic bag, and kept with the receipt. You should also carry these items separately from your other hand baggage.

You can carry up to one litre of liquid on domestic flights within China, unless it’s alcoholic – in which case it isn’t allowed.


If you’re transiting in Dubai, you’re allowed to take duty free liquids onboard your flight as long as they’re in a sealed, tamper-evident bag, with the receipt clearly displayed inside the bag.

The receipt must show the date of purchase, the items purchased, and the name of the airport where the items were bought. Do check the receipt when you buy your items, as you’ll be asked to discard any liquids over 100ml that don’t meet these requirements.

Hong Kong

If you’re making an international connection in Hong Kong, you can take any duty free liquids bought at London Heathrow onboard your flight – as long as they are kept in a sealed, tamper-evident bag, along with proof of purchase.

Note that flights from Hong Kong to Australia are an exception – you cannot take duty free liquids onto this route.


If your final destination is Japan, you can carry duty free liquids on your flight.

However, if you’re only transiting through Japan in order to board another international flight, any duty-free liquids will not be permitted through the transit security point.

South Africa

If your final destination is Johannesburg or Cape Town, or if you’ll be joining a domestic flight to another South African destination in Johannesburg or Cape Town, you can carry duty-free liquids onboard your flight.

If you’re transferring to an international flight in Johannesburg or Cape Town, you won’t be allowed to carry duty-free liquids through the transfer security point – so save your shopping for your final destination.

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