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Travelling with an assistant

What to expect if you're travelling with an assistant

This page tells you what you need to know if you're travelling with an assistant or medical escort.

Depending on your level of mobility or independence, you may choose to travel with an assistant, such as a medical escort, to help you during your journey. Occasionally we ask passengers with severe medical conditions to travel with a medically qualified escort.

Your assistant must travel in the same class of cabin as you and they will be seated where’s best for you, either next to or directly in front or behind you. You can discuss your requirements with our Special Assistance team.

Administering medication onboard

Assistants or medical escorts that need to administer medication must be suitably qualified and will need to:

  • Carry all necessary medication and equipment required during the flight.
  • Carry appropriate identification and documentation and a medical kit to justify the purpose of their travel and to satisfy any security measures.
  • Adequately secure and lock medical kit bags.
  • Ensure medical equipment required during the flight is battery operated and cleared for use onboard prior to travel. Please see our information on carrying medical equipment onboard.
  • Assist in the evacuation of their patient during an emergency situation.

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How much can the cabin crew help you?

If you would need assistance with eating, medication or in the toilet during your flight, you should travel with a companion who can help you. Our cabin crew are not permitted to provide this kind of assistance.

If you don't have an assistant with you, the cabin crew can help you from your seat to the toilet.

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Emergency situations during the flight

If you would have severe difficulties in emergency situations we may ask you to travel with a safety assistant. This person would need to be willing and able to physically help you in an emergency, but they do not need any official qualification or training.​

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Our stretcher policy

Our aircraft do not carry stretchers. Although our Upper Class seats convert to a fully flat bed, they can’t be used as stretchers for safety reasons.

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Contact the Special Assistance team


Tel: 0344 481 4455

Fax: 0344 209 7373

Voice tel: 01293 747691

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 (UK local)

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