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On the road in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a driver’s town, and given that you’re already behind the wheel, take this opportunity to explore what lies beyond LA city limits. From national parks in the middle of the desert to motorways that skirt the very edge of the ocean, Southern California offers up some of the world’s most beautiful sightseeing. You won’t regret adding a day or two onto your itinerary for these stunning side-trips.

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A day trip to Pasadena

From its early days as a resort town for visiting East Coasters, Pasadena has since blossomed into the perfect LA day trip destination. After all, there’s more to do here than just relax. The Norton Simon Museum is a must for art lovers, while the Rose Bowl Stadium is a pilgrimage point for American football fanatics. If you do want to kick back, fear not – from hip coffee roasters to indulgent burger bars, you’re never far from places to chow down and chill out.

Visiting Pasadena

Discovering beautiful Palm Springs

Thanks to its mid-century architecture and many famous residents, Palm Springs has cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most famous desert retreats. Less than two hours from downtown LA by car, it’s a draw for nature and architecture lovers alike. Every spring, music fans also join the pilgrimage, when the world-famous Coachella festival touches down just beyond city limits.

Day trip to Palm Springs

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From Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

The Pacific Coast Highway – or PCH, as the locals call it – ranks among the most beautiful stretches of road in the world…and there’s no better excuse to motor up this ocean-hugging highway than a jaunt to Santa Barbara. On your way, you’ll pass stunning canyons, beaches, and wineries; once you arrive, you have one of the state’s prettiest cities to uncover.

Road trip to Santa Barbara

A nature day in Joshua Tree National Park

There’s no other place on Earth like Joshua Tree National Park. First, there are the park’s namesake trees, which are prickly, spiny, and alien-looking. Then there are the rugged rock formations and incredible stretches of desert scenery, which are almost unbelievably photogenic. It may be only two-odd hours from LA, but you might as well be taking a trip to another planet.

Joshua tree national park

Finding life in Death Valley

Death Valley gets its name from the fact that it’s one of the lowest, hottest, and driest places on Earth. But don’t assume that there’s nothing to see in this incredible no-man’s-land. A number of resorts provide a comfy place to stay while you explore the salt-flats, dunes, and other features that make this national park a truly extraordinary place to visit.

Death Valley national park

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