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Flights to Puerto Rico

Escape to an island paradise

Sunshine and blue skies are just around the corner with our flights to Puerto Rico. Boasting a rich cultural heritage and distinct cuisine flavoured by Caribbean, African, Spanish and American influences, Puerto Rico is an island-lover’s paradise. Think sub-tropical beaches of golden white sand that go on forever, lapped by aquamarine shallows.

Playa Isla Verde is said to be Puerto Rico's Copacabana, but head straight for Ocean Park if you like your beaches a bit less touristy. After dark, go for a kayak adventure in the bioluminescent bay near San Juan, where the plankton lights up the water a fluorescent colour with every stroke. Nature doesn’t get more spectacular than this.

Head inland and there’s an ancient sub-tropical terrain just waiting to be discovered. Take a guided tour around El Yunque Rainforest to explore a hidden world of undercover trails and secret waterfalls. Or track down La Mina Falls for yourself and bathe in the plunge pool below. Finally, pay a visit to the island coffee farm of Hacienda San Pedro to enjoy an aromatic tasting experience. There’s no doubt about it – paradise is closer than you’d think with our Puerto Rico flights.

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