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Earn and spend with our partners

Collect points on the school run, your morning coffee or even an online shopping spree. Then hop aboard a train or plane, check into somewhere spectacular or stock up on bubbles, all with your points.

Whether you’re earning or spending, our extensive network of partners means you’ve got friends everywhere. See where they are and don’t miss a chance to keep your adventures coming.

Earn partners

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Our earning partners


Earn far and wide, reaching incredible places with our airline partners. 

Airline partners


From understated to all out, earn points every time you stay at thousands of hotels offered by our partners.

Hotel partners


Online, in store, everyday items or splurges. It’s all the more rewarding with points. 

Shopping partners

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Car hire

Clock up your own points on the road with our trusted partners. 

Car rental partners


From exchanging your holiday money to doing the weekly shop, it‘s all more rewarding with points. 

Financial partners

Virgin Group

From train trips to epic experience days, it all counts for points towards another adventure.

Virgin Group partners

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Turn points into points

Convert points from our partners’ loyalty programmes into Virgin Points.

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Spend partners

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Our spending partners


Your points can take you far and wide to dream destinations with our airline partners.


Spend your points on a treasured stay at one of thousands of hotels worldwide. 

Virgin Group

From train trips to epic experience days, spend your points on another adventure.