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Please enter your title, first name(s) and last name exactly as they appear on your passport.

That way, we can make sure your miles are added to your Flying Club account, where they belong.

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You've almost completed your enrolment into Flying Club. As you are under 18, to complete your enrolment don't forget to download the parental consent form and send it to us after submitting this registration form.


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You can always update your communication preferences at any time by logging in to your Flying Club account or by getting in touch with our Customer Centre.

For further information, please see our privacy policy.for the Registration opens in new window

Protecting your personal details

By submitting this form, you consent to the use and disclosure of your data in accordance with our Flying Club membership terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please read the privacy policy for information on how we handle your personal data, including how we combine the data you provide us, with information we gather from cookies.

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