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Claiming for essential items

Reclaim for what you need while your baggage is delayed.

This page tells you how to claim reimbursement for essential items like toiletries if you need to buy them while your baggage is delayed. You can claim for certain essential items if you're away from home.

If your check in baggage has been delayed while you're away, we understand you may need to buy essential items such as cosmetics, toiletries and basic clothing to keep you going until we can return your baggage to you.

It's essential you tell our baggage services agents that your bag has not arrived, while you're still at the airport. They will give you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form to fill in, which you must do straight away.

Make sure you keep the receipts for any essential items you buy while you're waiting for your baggage.

To claim reimbursement for these items, please send us the following information within 21 days of your bag being returned to you:

  • Copies of the receipts for your purchased items
  • The Property Irregularity Report (PIR) Number given by the airport when you report your delayed baggage
  • Your flight details
  • Your full name and address


For UK and non-US residents, please post your claim by post to our UK address:

Baggage Claims
Virgin Atlantic
Fleming Way
West Sussex
RH10 9DF

For US residents, please post your claim to our US address:

Virgin Atlantic - Baggage Claims
PO Box 569
MA 02021

This must be sent to us within 21 days of your bag being returned to you.

Alternatively, you can email your claim here

If your bag turns out to be irretrievably lost, we’ll deduct any sum paid for essential items from the final settlement costs.

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