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Something different in Boston

One of Boston’s most appealing virtues is its accessible size meaning you can check its A-list sights off your to-do list and still have ample time leftover to uncover its quirkier attractions. Whether it’s seeking out underground music venues, venturing across the water to the Boston Harbor Islands, or even planning your holiday for the middle of winter, try doing something a little different on your next trip to Boston.

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Boston in winter

Considering its propensity for arctic temperatures and record-breaking snowfall, Boston in winter may not sound appealing — and if you are the type to shy away from frost, then the other three seasons might be a better bet. But for those who love nothing more than a good blizzard and a cosy mug of cocoa, January and February can be an enchanting time to visit. If you do decide to travel in winter, make like a local and spend the afternoon sledding in Boston Common.

Sledding in Boston: 10 of the best snowy slopes

Live music in Boston

Thirsting for culture in Boston? Good news: the city has a thriving live music scene, spanning legendary jazz clubs, concert halls, and grungy, underground bars. Depending on where you venture, you might catch sets from students enrolled at Berklee College of Music, one of the country’s most prestigious music institutions. If not, a range of national and international acts can always be found in this town, so there’s never a bad night to head out in search of some good tunes.

Boston’s live music scene: venues and up-and-coming bands

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Boutique shopping in Boston

Though it may not be considered a fashion hub the way, say, Lower Manhattan is, Boston is host to enough independent and designer boutiques to tempt a shopping spree or two. The best place to start, if your wallet’s itching? Chi-chi Newbury Street, known as the ‘Rodeo Drive of the East.’ Lined with stylish brownstone buildings and numerous destination-worthy shops, it’s the place to head for armfuls of on-trend items.

On business in Boston

Boston Harbor Islands

Not all of Boston’s attractions are buzzy, though: some are totally tranquil and rich in natural beauty. Like the Boston Harbor Islands. It’s well worth hopping on a ferry for a day trip away to this underrated corner of the city. Comprising more than 30 islands, and classed as both a National Recreation Area and a State Park, the Boston Harbor Islands promise beachy nature, beautiful hiking trails, and breathtaking sunsets.

The Emerald Necklace

Another way to enjoy a verdant day out in Boston is to explore the fittingly named Emerald Necklace, a local chain of public parks. Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (you might know him as the landscape architect behind New York’s Central Park), this sprawling, 1,200-acre park system includes everything from the pretty Jamaica Pond to Franklin Park, which is spacious enough to house a golf course, stadium, and wooded wilderness.

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