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Must do's in Los Angeles

However you look at it, Los Angeles is undeniably huge. All the more reason, then, to discover the city’s best known locations first. Chances are, you’ll recognise many of these landmarks well before touching down in the City of Angels, which will only make encountering them in real life more of a thrill. Meet you at the Hollywood Sign!

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The Hollywood sign

Though the Hollywood Sign is now a symbol of film world glamour, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the sign was first erected in 1923 as real estate advertisement, and originally said “Hollywoodland.” Its reputation has evolved since then, and pilgrims now hike up Mount Lee to get a gander up close – no car required.

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The Griffith Park and Observatory

At the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, Griffith Park and Observatory draws aspiring astronomers for the chance to gaze at the heavens above. In addition to the celestial views, visitors can also enjoy live planetarium shows, museum exhibitions, and views overlooking the beautiful Los Angeles cityscape.

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Universal Studio Tour

Film lovers of all stripes should welcome the chance to get a behind-the- scenes look at Hollywood’s most famous backlot – after all, Universal is the largest active film studio in the world. During the tour, which covers a full four acres, visitors will relive famous moments from films like Jaws, Psycho, and King-Kong. Expect plenty of action.

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you haven’t browsed the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – or knelt down and placed your hands in the impressions left behind by your favourite movie stars – then you simply haven’t had the full LA experience. Visit in the morning for the best chance of getting up close and personal with those famous handprints.

The Santa Monica Pier

More than a century old, the iconic Santa Monica Pier is one of the most photogenic stretches of Southern Californian seashore. Visitors can ride its famous Ferris wheel or explore its amusement park; during the summer, the Santa Monica Pier also hosts a Twilight Concerts series for those who like their tunes al fresco.

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