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Virgin Wines specialise in offering truly unique, handcrafted wines from independent winemakers around the world. They work directly with small winemakers to secure small allocations of incredible wines, at affordable prices - giving you top quality wines with exceptional value!

UK Flying Club members only

Why choose Virgin Wines?

With Virgin Atlantic you can earn 750 points on all Virgin Wines orders, including Discovery Club orders. New customers can earn even more points, by using the exclusive voucher below.

Over 98% of orders are delivered within 3 days and all wines are backed up by Virgin Wines’ 100% enjoyment guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with a wine, you can have your money back... Simple as that!


Discovery Club:

Our Discovery Wine Club is a service that brings you a regular supply of outstanding craft wines delivered direct to your door from some of the world’s top independent winemakers. Zero fuss. No risk.

Earn points

Earn 3000 Virgin Points on your first Virgin Wines order, with an extra £50 off the normal price with the exclusive voucher below.

Earn 750 Virgin Points on Virgin Wines orders placed, including Discovery Club orders.

Earn 350 Virgin Points on all Virgin Wines gift orders placed.

New Customer Offer

Flying Club members can enjoy a fantastic £50 wine voucher to spend on any case of at least 12 bottles at Virgin Wines, plus FREE next day delivery and 3,000 bonus Virgin Points for new customers! Includes a no obligation membership to Virgin Wines’ excellent WineBank service. Terms and conditions apply*.


How to book

Earning Virgin Points:

To earn points on ongoing purchases, simply go to, log into your Virgin Wines account and ensure your Flying Club membership number is registered to your account, via 'My Account' in the 'Add/Edit Personal Information' section.

Alternatively, call Virgin Wines' awards winning Customer Services team on 0843 224 1001.

UK delivery only.

Spend points

Use your points to choose from an exclusive Flying Club case or browse the entire Virgin Wines range and mix up your own selection.

10,000 points = £50 Virgin Wines voucher (+£7.99 delivery)

20,000 points = £100 Virgin Wines voucher (+£7.99 delivery)

To redeem points in exchange for a Virgin Wines voucher call your local Flying Club helpline.

Once you have your voucher code and password, go to to place your order. Or call Virgin Wines on 0843 224 1001 and ask to speak to a Personal Wine Advisor.

How to book

Spending Virgin Points:

Please call your Flying Club helpline to redeem your Virgin Points for £50 or £100 vouchers towards purchases with Virgin Wines.

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