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8. Changes to the programme & participating companies

8.1. Any Participating Company or Reward Provider other than VAA may withdraw from the Programme at any time or change their terms of business and terms of supply of goods and services. The changes are entirely beyond our control, so we cannot guarantee that any Participating Company will continue to participate in the Programme or offer Rewards, nor can we guarantee the continued availability of any particular method of gaining Miles or any particular Reward. VAA will not provide compensation or any substitute Reward in the event a third party supplier withdraws from the Programme. Whenever practical, VAA will give you notice of Participating Companies or Reward Providers who have withdrawn from the Programme, or of any other change in the method or rate of earning Miles, or any change in the number of Miles required to obtain Rewards. Such notice may be given via our website.

8.2. VAA is not responsible for any consequences resulting from Reward travel plans which are disrupted, changed or cancelled due to the withdrawal or other action of a Reward Provider, which is beyond the reasonable control of VAA. 

8.3. We will honour Miles which have been allocated and reported by a Participating Company prior to its withdrawal from the Programme. However, we are not responsible if a Participating Company which withdraws from the Programme fails to issue Miles or notify us of Miles or provide any Rewards. 

8.4. VAA reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. This may include, and is not limited to, the allocation of Miles and availability of Rewards, the exclusion of discount fare levels, the amendment of the tier point structure, rates and/or tariffs, and the alteration of rates of Miles required to redeem Rewards at any time. VAA reserves the right to add or modify dates upon which Rewards cannot be redeemed, and to limit the number of Rewards available to any/all destinations.

8.5. VAA reserves the right to change, replace or temporarily suspend any aspect of the Programme, at any time with immediate effect upon notice to the Members. If you do not accept any changes to the Programme you may terminate your membership at any time by writing to the Customer Centre stating that you no longer wish to be a Member.

8.6. VAA may terminate this Programme at any time upon six months’ prior notice to Members. You will be able to use previously accrued Miles and redeem them for Rewards during the six month notice period. No new Miles may be earned during the notice period. Upon termination of the Programme at the end of such notice period, all Flying Club rights of all Members against VAA will cease and, in particular, Miles shall cease to be exchangeable for Rewards or otherwise redeemable. 

8.7. VAA may terminate the Programme immediately if required to do so by any competent authority or otherwise by law.