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London Gatwick

North Terminal move from 25 January 2017

From 25 January 2017, all Virgin Atlantic departures and arrivals will move from the South Terminal to the North Terminal at London Gatwick. This move is part of Gatwick’s redevelopment plans.

You’ll still get our superlative check-in service, just delivered in a glamorously fitted out new area, and our designers have really gone to town creating a swish new Clubhouse and V-room so that you can indulge yourself before your flight. We’re really excited about moving to our new Gatwick ‘home’ and look forward to welcoming you there in January 2017 and beyond.

As most of our flights from Gatwick will leave the North Terminal early in the morning, we will offer twilight check in and bag drop, so you can avoid the airport queues and check in any luggage the night before.

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London Gatwick Clubhouse

Relaxed, friendly, luxurious – our Gatwick Clubhouse offers the ultimate airport experience.

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Upper Class transfers

Arrive in style at Gatwick Airport with our Upper Class chauffeur service.

Find out about Upper Class drop off

Chauffeured transfers

We can take you to and from the airport at both ends of your flight. There’s room for three passengers, each with a large suitcase.

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Gatwick Express

If you like you can swap your chauffeured transfer for a First Class ride on the Gatwick Express. To arrange your ground transfers call Upper Class Reservations on 0344 579 1111.

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