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Visually impaired passengers

We're here if you need us

If you’re blind or visually impaired, our Special Assistance team and cabin crews are on hand to provide you with any help you need to travel.

If you’re travelling alone, we can arrange for you to be escorted through the airport and pre-boarded before other passengers to make things easier.

To let our Special Assistance team know you need a hand, just call them on 0844 412 4455.

Safety information board

All our aircraft carry a safety information booklet, which has generic safety information in large print and on the other side of the booklet the same information is printed in Braille.

Assistance dogs

Your assistance dog will be welcome in the aircraft cabin on most of our routes, as long as the necessary paperwork has been organised and the dog has been cleared by Special Assistance. Find out more about flying with your assistance dog.