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Flying and your health

Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. Here’s how flying can affect certain health conditions.

For most of us, flying is a safe way to travel. However, the pressurised cabin can potentially affect passengers with existing medical conditions.

For passengers suffering from conditions like heart or lung disease, or blood disorders such as anaemia (including sickle cell anaemia), the lower oxygen levels could lead to oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), making additional oxygen supplies necessary.

Additionally, the lower air pressure means that air within the cabin is expanded by about 30%. This could cause problems for passengers who have recently undergone surgery, have abdominal health problems, or blocked ears or sinuses.

If you think you may need additional oxygen or have any concerns please contact our Special Assistance team. You’ll also find further information below.

If you’d like further advice after seeing your medical practitioner, you may find the following contacts useful:

  • Our ever-helpful Special Assistance team can be reached on (+44) 0344 412 4455

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