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Welcome to the Upper Class Wing

Our Upper Class Wing is a very special way to get your journey from London Heathrow T3 off to an exceptional start. If you’re arriving in your chauffeur car, our team will greet you, swiftly handle your baggage and give you your printed boarding pass. If you’re arriving in your own private car or taxi, it’s a good idea to call ahead to pre-arrange your arrival.

You'll then whizz through our very own Private Security Channel, beating the queues. Seamless, stress free and calm, you can go from your car to the Clubhouse within ten minutes. Where you can catch up on work or relax before your flight.

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Who can use the Upper Class Wing

Flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class or Delta One™ from London Heathrow T3? If you're flying on a Virgin Atlantic aircraft, you can check in at the Upper Class Wing up to 50 minutes before your flight. If you're flying on a Delta aircraft, it's no later than 60 minutes before.

Make departures a dream

Whether you're off on a work trip or a long awaited holiday, our Upper Class Wing team is ready to welcome you on the first step of your Upper Class journey. In a busy airport hub like Heathrow, the wing is a serene, welcoming space from where you're gently but swiftly guided to the Clubhouse: another serene, welcoming space.

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Priority arrival

As an Upper Class passenger, you’ll never have to worry about missing a meeting. After landing, you’ll be one of the first to disembark and one of the first to pick up your luggage. Plus, your chauffeur will be waiting at arrivals to make sure you get to your final destination with plenty of time to spare.

Arrive revived

Our Upper Class passengers arriving at Heathrow can freshen up in our Revivals lounge. Our showers, spa treatments, breakfast and business facilities will bring you nicely back down to earth.

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