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San Francisco travel tips

  1. On the first Tuesday of every month, you can enjoy free entry to several San Francisco museums, including the de Young Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Craft and Design, and the Conservatory of Flowers.
  2. Although San Francisco is located in California, don’t come expecting sun and warm weather throughout the year. The weather changes dramatically even in the course of a day, moving from fog to sun to cloud cover. A light but protective outer layer is essential almost all year round, and shorts and sandals are guaranteed to mark you out as a tourist.
  3. The Tenderloin is the city’s edgiest neighbourhood, so it’s a good idea to be aware of your surroundings when visiting. However, don’t write the Tenderloin off: though it’s rough around the edges, the neighbourhood is also home to some of the best bars, restaurants and art galleries in San Francisco.
  4. Taxis can be tricky to come by in San Francisco. Instead, use MUNI (public transportation, walk (the city is tiny, and its steep hills are great exercise), or order an Uber (the popular app was born in San Francisco, after all).
  5. It’s worth going for a ride on San Francisco’s beautiful cable cars. If you plan to, outsmart the tourists at Powell and Market — and skip the interminable queues — by following the rails to the next stop, where it’s easier to hop on.