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Food and drink in Miami

If you’re planning a trip to Miami, you’re in for a treat – the food scene down here has as much dynamism and energy as the city itself. That means you’ll find everything from eclectic food tours of South Beach and just-caught seafood to an array of fragrant Cuban classics. Need something to wash it all down with? Happily, Miami also happens to be a craft beer lover’s town, so you’ll never be far from some refreshing suds – or craft cocktails, if that’s more your style.

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Miami craft breweries

The city’s trendy Wynwood District isn’t only known for its art galleries – fact is, it’s also a hub of craft brewing. That means you can expect brewery tours, craft beer bars with 35-line draught systems, crowd-funded microbreweries, and plenty of restaurants where beer and food join forces. Devote a solid day to an exploratory bar crawl and really get a taste for Miami’s hoppy side.

The best craft breweries and brewpubs in Miami’s Wynwood District

South Beach food tours

Head to South Beach for its scenic seaside, its wild parties… and its food tours? Make no mistake: SoBe knows what it’s doing, especially when it comes to chowing down on the go. Embark on a local-led tour, and you can expect to sample everything from ceviche and dulce de leche churros to meatballs and empanadas. Miami’s food scene doesn’t end here, of course – but South Beach is the perfect place for a taster.

Miami South Beach food tours

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Seafood in Miami

Seafood is one of Miami’s strengths, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess why. In this coastal city, diners have their pick of the catch of the day, from deliciously moreish fried shrimp to mouth-watering swordfish steaks and locally caught snapper. Bibs at the ready: this is going to be quite the feast.

Miami shrimp shacks: The best seafood in Miami

Miami Cocktail Lounges

No one would argue with Miami’s party credentials, but its going-out ethos extends beyond beautiful people and killer sound-systems. Well-made drinks are also an essential part of the mix, and at the city’s top cocktail lounges, you can sip on everything from Italian-inspired aperitifs to Prohibition-era classics (often with the beach only steps away).

Five of the best cocktail spots in South Beach Miami

Cuban food

You can’t say you’ve experienced Miami’s food scene until you’ve had at least one Cuban feast. Celebrated in foodie films like Chef, Miami’s Cuban food scene is one of the things that makes the city utterly unforgettable (not to mention delicious). Sink your teeth into an iconic Cubano sandwich, sample ropa vieja (flavourful stewed beef), or snack on chicharrones (pork crackling).

Miami: A food lover’s guide to South Beach

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