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Dazzle onboard with us

Our cabin crew share their secrets for staying radiant in the aisles

Ever wondered how our crew stay looking so glam during flight? Well.. we've all their secrets and more right at your perfectly primed fingertips, so you can stay looking and feeling fabulous from take off to touchdown.

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How to look and feel fabulous at 35,000 feet

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Prep like a beauty queen

Before setting foot on a flight, make sure to protect your skin against the dry cabin air in advance. On the night before you fly, start by exfoliating your skin with a fine abrasive cream or body brush to remove dead skin cells, simulate circulation and give you a smooth glow. Follow this with a natural moiturising mask with rose to hydrate your skin and calm any redness, so that when you wake up at 3am your face is awake and glowing – even if you’re not!

Dare to Bare

Face wipes are a pre-boarding essential before any lengthy flight. Pack them in your hand-luggage so you can remove your make-up after boarding which will give your skin the chance to breathe. This also allows for easier moisturiser application throughout the flight, and be sure to reapply moisturiser all over your face, neck and décolletage each time you get a fresh glass of water. This will minimise the effect the dry cabin air has on your skin and prevent a dull flaky complexion.

Mineral magic

If you’d like to look as glam as our cabin crew on your flight, we recommend investing in a mineral based foundation. Mineral foundation contains fewer chemicals and ingredients than oil based foundations and allows the skin to breathe whilst still providing good coverage – perfect for looking flawless onboard. Also, as it’s a powder you don’t have to worry about carrying extra liquids in your hand luggage. 

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Hand luggage essentials

The drying cabin pressure isn’t just bad news for your skin. As well as moisturiser, pack a small pot of Vaseline or lip balm in your hand luggage to prevent your lips from drying out. You can also apply it to your cuticles to keep them soft and hydrated, so that pre-holiday manicure won’t go to waste. 

Drink up!

One of the most important parts of looking fresh on a flight is to stay hydrated. You should drink at least one litre of water before, during and after your flight. A top tip to help with hydration is to have an electrolyte drink as well. But treat yourself to a tipple after boarding; you are flying Virgin Atlantic after all! 

Finishing touches

For when you step off the plane, use a few of our trusty Virgin Atlantic cabin crew secrets – first, bring a lipstick in your hand luggage so you can apply before you leave the plane. To give tousled hair a boost, use a tumble dryer sheet to remove static and leave it smelling fresh. Finally, keep a change of clothes with you on the flight, so that when you step out into your destination, your clothes will look fabulous and wrinkle free.

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