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There's no better way to get close to the heart of a destination than by sampling its food and drink. From the elevated heights of luxury cuisine to rustic, home-style cooking, every country, region and city has its own specialties just waiting to be discovered. The produce and dishes favored in an area have a lot to tell us about its history and culture – and there's no tastier way to keep yourself fuelled for a vacation full of adventure than by indulging in some hearty local treats.

A foodie vacation is a brilliant chance to explore the flavors that make a destination unique. From culinary tours to wine tasting, there are numerous ways to experience the local dining scene. Many major cities offer food lovers the opportunity to taste their way around the nation, with a range of local restaurants offering produce from across the region. Looking for inspiration for some great culinary travel destinations? The cities below are some of the world's best locations for a food trip.

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Sample traditional Indian food in Delhi

Each area of India has its own distinct culinary traditions, and in Delhi these various strands come together to add to the vibrant mix of colors, scents and flavors in the capital.

From modern restaurants serving an innovative new take on traditional Indian fare, to street food stalls where you can sample popular local snacks on the go, it’s easy to eat your way around India on a food tour of Delhi. Taste everything from Bengalese seafood dishes to South Indian dosas and Parsi dhansaks as you explore Delhi's lively and ever-changing dining scene.

Read more about discovering Indian food in Delhi.

Delhi destination guide

Explore Hong Kong's dynamic food scene

Multicultural and cosmopolitan, Hong Kong has all the right ingredients for an inspiring dining scene – and not surprisingly, the former British colony is one of the world's great foodie cities. Not only can you sample a wealth of traditional Chinese food here, but also a range of global cuisines, from Indian and Southeast Asian to Japanese and even Western dishes.

Pick up a quick snack at one of Hong Kong's many colorful street stalls or food markets, grab a casual lunch at a family-run eatery, or challenge your taste buds at one of the many cutting-edge restaurants serving truly unusual cuisine. There's no end of foodie adventures to be had here, from classic Chinese dim sum to quirky flavor combinations designed to dazzle.

Find out more about the best food in Hong Kong with this account by a dedicated foodie blogger.

Hong Kong destination guide

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Dine like royalty in London

Diverse, eclectic and always innovating, London is a city that's constantly on the move – and this applies equally to its food scene. Whatever you enjoy eating, you're sure to find it in London's immense selection of restaurants, cafés, bars and markets – from mouth-watering street food and hearty pub favorites, to trendy bistro dishes and elegant fine dining.

There's a wealth of international cuisines represented here, alongside traditional British fare, and a thriving hipster food scene for those eager to be on the cutting edge. Whether you want to browse the stalls at one of London's best food markets, grab some fish and chips or fire up your taste buds with Indian, Thai or Chinese food, there's a new taste experience on every corner of the British capital.

Our advice? Start early, by checking out the best breakfasts in London, then carry on as you explore everything London has offer.

London destination guide

Dine on the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv

The Mediterranean region is known for dishes with fresh vegetables, warm pitta bread, hummus, and other great ingredients. Fly to Tel Aviv on Virgin Atlantic for a great mix of traditional middle eastern and Israeli cuisine along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea.

Stop at one of the many street vendors and enjoy falafel and shawarma or indulge in a traditional Israeli breakfast consisting of hummus, fresh veggies, shakshouka (poached eggs in tomato sauce), and a variety of cheeses. Tel Aviv also has a wide variety of fine dining restaurants with influences from Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, and Spain which gives travelers plenty of dining options when visiting.

Tel Aviv destination guide

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