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Scotland's second city is miles ahead on the cool-o-meter

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It’s a brilliant time to grab a flight to Scotland. It’s true that this northern city used to have a tough reputation, but recently Glasgow has been transformed into the heartland of cool, with a vibrant live music scene that rivals any in the UK. Glasgow’s taking ‘regeneration’ to a new level and is now a city as good as any in Scotland.

Rather than ignoring its industrial past, this city's heritage is at the centre of its revival, with the formerly gritty area along the River Clyde now a bustling waterfront that celebrates the city's rich maritime history.

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Explore Glasgow

A riverside wonder

The Riverside Museum is absolutely spectacular. It’s a visual treat, and that's just the building. Inside, this well-loved transport and travel museum is far more interesting than it sounds. Believe us.

Off the beaten high street

Glasgow has all the high street names you'd expect, but the more individual among you should head to Byres Road for a rummage in its vintage and charity shops. Get more Glasgow tips on our blog.

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Feel the festival spirit

If you're lucky enough to be on holiday in Glasgow in June, you won't be able to miss the West End Festival. It’s a fabulous few weeks of dance, theatre, music and events for all ages.

It's all about the music

From big-capacity venues to smaller, cooler joints, Glasgow is exploding with live music. It's a great place to catch an intimate gig with an up-and-coming band before they make it.

Take a highland tour

If you can tear yourself away from Glasgow for a day, take a tour through the Highlands to one of Scotland's world-famous distilleries. Tasting is included. (That’s tasting. Not glugging.)

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