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Everything you need to know about flying with baggage.

This page will direct you to useful information about baggage, including check in and hand baggage, baggage restrictions, and what to do if your baggage is delayed, lost or damaged.

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Standard baggage allowances

Check in baggage for the hold

Understand how many bags you can check in, what you can pack, and what our size and weight allowances are.

Take a look at our check in baggage allowance

Hand baggage allowances

Understand what you can bring into the cabin with you, and what our restrictions are on hand baggage.

Take a look at our hand baggage allowance

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Baggage that's a bit different

Sports equipment

How to bring sports equipment as part of your check in baggage allowance.

Taking sports equipment

Additional baggage

How to pay for extra baggage if your baggage allowance is not enough.

How to pay for additional baggage

Oversized baggage

If you're bringing a big bag or two, here's what you need to do.

What to do with oversized bags

Permissions and restrictions

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Carrying liquids and powders

Check the current restrictions for carrying liquids and powders in your hand baggage.

Find out about Liquid restrictions

Dangerous or restricted items

What you can and can't bring onto the aircraft.

Find out about Dangerous items

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UK food restrictions

Some foods can't be brought in to the UK. Find out which items are restricted.

Find out about UK food restrictions

Baggage security screening in the US

What happens when your check in baggage gets searched in the US.

US baggage screening

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Delayed or missing baggage

Delayed baggage

What to do if your bags don't show up on the baggage belt.

What to do if your baggage is delayed

Claim for lost or damaged baggage

Find out how to make a baggage compensation claim.

How to claim for lost or damaged bags